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Matt Armbruster is available for speaking engagements, events, conferences, and retreat session leadership.


Matt has created an informative, and engaging exposé called, “Life Outside the Boat”. This interactive learning experience, has been crafted through more than a decade of on-the-ground experience. You and your team will gain insight into the tangible, commonsensical approach to helping people out of poverty, Matt has become well-known for. As you walk through his book, “Life Outside the Boat” *Included in registration* you will learn how to navigate life through storms and time of trial, through real-life examples.


Transformational for any age, experience level, people group, and organization. Though well suited for churches, congregations, and church staff, it’s not limited to such. Life Outside the Boat would be beneficial for any organization or company, seeking to connect with and help those in need, within their community.

Program Outline

  • Trust

  • Faith

  • Understanding

  • Action

  • Mercy

  • Justice

  • Balance 

Main Topics

  • Trusting the process instead of being lead by fear.

  • How to step outside the boat, in the storm.

  • Digging deeper into the needs of others.

  • How to know and understand the abilities you have to help.

  • Understanding trauma.

  • Teaching someone how to push beyond what they believe they are capable of.

  • How to be the person or organization God has called YOU to be.

  • Creating balance in your life/organization.

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