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Annaleigh is a Mobile native, and has worked in nonprofit and ministry leadership for many years. She has a passion for mentoring, and loves teaching the Reprogram students. Annaleigh enjoys cooking. She has a blog, and Etsy shop, where she shares her favorite local cuisine, and art.

MeLeah is originally from Florence, Alabama and moved to Mobile in 2013 to attend the University of South Alabama. There, she obtained her degree in Strategic Communication with a minor in Marketing. Currently, MeLeah is working toward her M.A. in Communication from USA. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, shopping, and going to the beach! 

Annaleigh Nowling

MeLeah Bennett

Board of Directors:

  • Norwood Morris

  • John Pack

  • Kathy Hamilton

  • John McCrory

  • Robbie Turnipseed

  • Clifford Waite

  • Johannah Bullard

  • Blake Martin

  • Lauren Heisler

Matt & Tara Armbruster

Matt, originally from the small town of Ellis, Kansas, spent most of his career working in the restaurant industry. Tara was born and raised in Mobile and worked as a dental hygienist before she and Matt founded Ransom Ministries in 2010. Matt enjoys hunting, fishing and cooking, and Tara enjoys spending time with her family and going to the beach.


Ransom Ministries was founded in 2010 by Matt and Tara Armbruster after they attended a Bible study urging Christians to stop playing church and start living a life of true faith and dependence on God.

The Armbrusters asked God to show them how they could use the gifts He had given them to bring glory to Him. God gave Matt the idea of a cafe where anyone could get a hot meal and pay whatever they could afford and Tara the word “ransom” with the scripture Matthew 20:28. When they began to dissect this verse, they discovered the Greek word that is translated “to serve” actually means “one that waits on tables,” and “ransom” meant “to liberate many from misery.” They opened the first Ransom Café in October of 2010 at the Hangar of West Mobile Baptist Church.

Since then, Ransom Ministries has planted several more Ransom Cafe locations, some of which have changed their names and all of them 

have taken on their own responsibilities of operating their cafe. This has allowed Ransom to focus more on Ransom ReProgram, a job readiness and life skills training course that helps participants move out of dependency and into fulfilling careers that Ransom first offered in the fall of 2015. In addition, they also provide on-the-job training through Ransom Recycle, an electronics recycling business. We take old, broken, outdated, end of life electronics apart to harvest the things that are of value in them. In addition to the opportunity Ransom Recycle creates for ReProgram participants and graduates, it also generates self-sustaining income for Ransom Ministries to be able to accomplish our mission to empower people to overcome spiritual, relational and material poverty through knowing Jesus and utilizing their God-given gifts and talents in their work.

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