Ransom ReProgram

Ransom ReProgram is a job readiness and life skills training program that seeks to help students move out of dependence and into fulfilling careers. ReProgram uses the Ransom ReProgram Curriculum, developed specifically for the program. 

Ransom Recycling

Ransom Recycling is a social enterprise that provides ReProgram participants with entry level employment and mentorship in their journey to become quality employees.

Ransom Cafe

Ransom Cafe is a donation-only restaurant model that operates in churches in Mobile and Baldwin counties. Guests pay what they can or volunteer for their meal. Cafe locations are listed below.

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West Mobile Baptist Church re-opened their café on April 1st!

Due to COVID-19, meals are take out only. Most cafes have some restrictions in place. Thank you for your patience!


We are looking for 500 people to give just $10 per month, to help ReProgram students move out of dependency and into fulfilling careers. >>>

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