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    In 2012, Ransom Ministries started bringing in mission teams to serve in our community. Weekend or weeklong service camps are available for youth, adults or a combination of ages. 
    The teams have the opportunity to work in Ransom Cafe, with the Clean Machine, in the Community Gardens and with other ministry partners in our community such as McKemie Place and Wings of Life.
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​The Clean Machine
Mission Teams
Ransom Cafe
Matthew 20:28
    The Clean Machine is a self-contained 22-foot trailer with two bathrooms, three washing machines and three dryers. 
    The idea for the Clean Machine came to Matt Armbruster after he spent three days on the streets as a homeless experiment and realized how much people needed these services. After generous donations from businesses, churches and individuals, the Clean Machine was built and started serving people in June of 2013. 
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    The first project of Ransom Ministries was Ransom Cafe, a donation-only lunch restaurant based on Matthew 20:28 — "Jesus did not come to be served, but to serve others and to give His life as a ransom for many."
    In October of 2010, Ransom Cafe began serving quality meals at one location on weekdays from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. Ransom Cafe now has six different locations at churches across Mobile County and one in Baldwin County. 
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    In the Spring of 2011, through a partnership with Habitat for Humanity, Ransom Ministries developed its first raised bed community garden in the Hillsdale community off of Cody Road. It started with 10 raised beds and has expanded to 18. In the spring of 2016, Mission Mobile came alongside Ransom Ministries to help maintain the garden.
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    In August of 2015, Ransom Ministries began offering an 8-week job training program to help participants move out of dependency and into personal responsibility and self-reliance through an approach that includes on-the-job training as well as stabilization and personal development through the Jobs for Life curriculum. Background checks and drug tests are required for entry into the program.
    For more information on applying for the ReProgram or becoming a mentor for one of the participants, please click on the icon to the left.
Ransom ReProgram
    In March of 2015, Ransom Ministries received a grant from Acts 100 to purchase a mobile kitchen. Having a food truck allows us to go into rural areas and provide people with a hot fresh meal while intentionally building relationships and sharing the love of Christ. It also gives us the opportunity to go to festivals and other public venues and do the same thing. Our goal is to use the mobile kitchen to meet needs in unique places.     For more information about the Ransom on the Road food truck and to see a schedule of service locations, click on the icon to the left. 
Ransom RePurpose
Ransom on the Road
     RePurpose is a component of Ransom ReProgram that allows students to create artwork and refinish furniture. All proceeds from their work go directly toward helping them overcome financial roadblocks to employment, such as fines preventing them from obtaining a drivers license, probation fees, deposits for housing and more.  
    Each student logs hours in the workshop throughout their time in the program, and Ransom Ministries assists them based on the number of hours worked. This model is successful only if people buy the artwork — that's where you come in! Click the icon to the left to browse and purchase available artwork and furniture. 

Vision Statement

Ransom Ministries believes following Jesus through serving others can transform individuals, families, communities, and the world.
Mission Statement

Ransom Ministries empowers people to overcome spiritual, relational and material poverty through knowing Jesus and serving others.